Track Workouts

Monday night group track workouts at the Wayne State Adams Track will resume in June 5th 2017.

2017 Updates:
-Workouts geared toward Full/Half Chicago, Free Press, GLR, Monumental etc.
-Workouts to Improve 5k or 10k for beginner to experienced runners
-These are updated/new workouts
-Post workout Body Weight Strength workouts FOR runners (as time allows)

Don’t forget, “speed” is relative! Whether you’re training for a time or just to finish your event, track workouts can give anyone an advantage. We’ll explain the workout when you arrive at the track so no need to memorizing (or even understand) the charts below. We will suggest an interval pace for you based on your goal race pace. Bring a water bottle and a watch! (the watch is so you can monitor your pace. Any chronograph watch from a fancy GPS unit to a simple timex is fine) See you Mondays, ready to warm up at 5:45pm sharp.

For those new to the track:
400 meters = 1 lap (on most outdoor tracks)
200 meters= 1/2 lap
(There is typically a bold start line and lane numbers indicating the 100/200/300/400 meter marks on the track)
Move around the track counter-clockwise, look behind you before making an abrupt stop, faster runners use innermost lanes, slower runners in the outer lanes


These intervals are to be done with a 400 meter recovery jog/walk (for 200s do only 200m recovery)


Below is the base workout chart for 5K/10K. Workouts should be done at the following percentages of your 5K goal pace (regardless of if you are training for a 5K or a 10K):
200 = 110% of 5K goal pace
400 = 105%
800 = 103%


Below is the base workout chart for 1/2 marathon/marathon. Workouts should be done at the following percentages of your Half Marathon goal pace (regardless of if you are training for a Half or a Full):
200 & 400 = 110% of Half Marathon goal pace
800 = 105%
1200 = 105%
1600 & 1mile = 103%



This training plan created by Stefanie Heyser ATC, CPT, CES, a USA Track and Field certified running coach in the Metro Detroit area. Having worked as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, and running coach Stefanie is uniquely qualified to help runners of all levels reach their full potential.
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  • Date: February 15, 2016