Three Point 101


This 10-week program is designed for someone who is not active and would like to run his or her first 5k.

It is intended to increase endurance and strength to take you from the couch to the finish line of your first 5K.

Twice a year we offer a coached version of this program with additional training, perks and benefits. More details here.


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Make sure to do a functional warm up before you run/walk and a cool down after.

It is okay to walk on the treadmill, however, once the running portion of the program begins it is highly advised you run outside. It is also good to incorporate 5-15 minutes of hill running/walking every other week.

S&S is stretch and strengthen you may choose to do yoga on these days.

Recovery is your rest day but you should also foam roll, stretch, ice, and work on hydration so that you are ready for the upcoming week.

Hills should be walked/ran 1-2x a month. The best day to do this on would be the Saturday run/walk.

This training plan created by Stefanie Heyser ATC, CPT, CES, a USA Track and Field certified running coach in the Metro Detroit area. Having worked as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, and running coach Stefanie is uniquely qualified to help runners of all levels reach their full potential.
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  • Date: February 15, 2016