RUNdetroit’s Flight Club

The first rule of Flight Club is…

Flight Club is a running team based out of the RUNdetroit store. Membership is open to runners and walkers of all ages and paces. To be eligible for membership you must regularly attend group runs at our store. Other club rules are informal but in general we ask that members participate in some of the target races listed below, encourage and support their teammates and set a positive example within the running community.

We’ve put our own spin on some of our favorite ideas from other clubs around the region to create a package of benefits for Flight Club members. There are also some incentives to encourage participation and some friendly competition. Scroll down or click the buttons at the right for more information.



All Flight Club members will receive the following benefits:

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Group Runs

The Flight Club meets for group runs twice a week. Group Runs are led by Coach Stefanie and/or RUNdetroit Staff.

Year-round: 8am on Saturday mornings at the RUNdetroit Store
(There is no Saturday run the day of the Mustache Dache and the day before the Free Press Marathon)

April-Nov 2017: 5:30pm on Mondays at Wayne State University Track (Adams Field)

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Earn Your Wings

To encourage participation at Group Runs and Club target races we’ve created a point system. Club members earn WINGS (points) for achieving goals (see chart below). Top FlightClub3earners will be rewarded at the end of each season and at the end of the year with RUNdetroit Gift Certificates, Club exclusive swag or other prizes.

Wings can be earned at local races (within 100 miles of the RUNdetroit store) or any marathon or half marathon worldwide. You’ll earn extra wings for participating in Target races (see calendar).
The wing-earning year starts March 1st 2017 and ends December 31st 2017.
–The Spring/Summer season goes from March 1st to Labor Day.
–The Fall/Winter season goes from Labor Day to December 31st.
–Prizes will be awarded at the end of each season at at the end of the end of the wing-earning year

Wings will be awarded based on the following chart:

wingschartOther Guidelines:

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Target Races for 2017


Corktown Races – March 12th

Rock CF ½ and 5K – March 26th


Martian Invasion of Races – April 22nd

Glass City Marathon/Half – April 23rd


Grand Prix 5000 – May 28th
*Day-of-race volunteers earn 100wgs for volunteering instead of running


BCBSM RiverDays Run – June 10th


Mottep Life Walk – July 29th


The Crim – Aug 27th

RUNdetroit 18miler – Aug 28th
(Volunteer opportunity)


Growler Gallop – Sept 10th


Free Press Marathon/Half Marathon/5K – Oct 14th&15th


Mustache Dache 5K – Nov 11th
*Day-of-race volunteers earn 100wgs for volunteering instead of running


Jingle Bell 5K/10K – Dec 2nd

Belle Isle NYE Run – Dec 31st

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In store only. We’re not set up to do this online. To be eligible for membership you must regularly attend group runs at our store.

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Club Dues

Club membership is $65 for new members in 2017 and $35 for members returning in 2017. Membership rates for 2018 are TBD.

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Women’s Racing Team

RacingTeam1In addition to Flight Club we’ve also started a Women’s Racing Team for female runners able to meet the time standards listed below. The RUNdetroit Women’s Racing Team will represent RUNdetroit at races throughout the region. Consideration for the Racing Team is not solely based on previous race results but also on the ability of the runner to create positive influence on the running community. As a member of RUNdetroit’s Women’s Racing Team you will act as a representative for the store. Each member will be required to fulfill certain criteria and in exchange will be the beneficiary of incentives and discounts from RUNdetroit. (Outline of benefit package will be provided via email to prospective members)


Time Standards:
5K: 20:30
10K 43:00
Half: 1:34
Full: 3:15
*Considerations will be made for Masters runners. Please submit age and times for review


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