RUNdetroit’s Top 5 Tips for Cold Weather Running

1. What to wear: A good rule of thumb is to dress as though its 20 degrees warmer. You’ll be a little cold when you walk out the door but once you’re moving you’ll heat up fast. Dress in layers and, most importantly, tuck your bottom layer in! (this will keep your body heat close to your body, you can un-tuck once you’re warmed up) Look for layers with zips at the neck and venting under the arms. When the temps fall below 15 degrees or so you may want to double layer your tights or invest in an insulated/thicker pair. Over time you’ll figure out what works for you.

2. Take Care of your Feet: To keep the cold out start with moisture wicking socks (ie avoid cotton). A synthetic or wool sock will do wonders to keep your feet warm and dry. Shoes with less mesh in the toe area or a GoreTex upper will offer even more protection against the elements.

3. Be safe! In our Good Form Running classes we teach you that smaller steps and landing with your foot underneath you lessens impact and increases efficiency. Small steps will also increases safety on icy ground. If your route is slippery or unplowed try some Yaktrax to gain extra traction. Also, be sure to light yourself up on these short winter days– reflective gear, flashing lights and headlamps are your friend.

4. Bring a Change of Clothes: Once you stop running your core temperature will drop quickly. Change your clothes as quickly as possible to avoid lingering chills. Put a dry hat on wet hair, drink something warm and, ladies, get out of that damp sports bra asap.

5. Stay motivated by meeting up with your friends! Its cold out there so commit to plans with your running friends to stay accountable. Shameless plug for our Saturday running group.